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"Valentine's Day in the Country Pertiwi_ INDONESIA Raya._

"Valentine's Day in the Country Pertiwi_ INDONESIA Raya._
Special Edition Valentine's Day February 14, 2015 Masehi_
Greetings FREEDOM!
Regards Galuh Revolution,
Greetings Lestari, _

"Valentine's Day in the Country Pertiwi_ INDONESIA Raya._
Hopefully creature in His love that the Great Universe, Happy peace with others celebrate Love Tank, as Eid for us who always Merindu Life of peace with His love that General to remain divided for other creatures on Earth, the Universe Together Damailah keharibaan Presence of the One God who his love is not ever disconnected for dear inhabitants.,

As a Sense of Happiness can get this Noble Today, Saturday 14 February 2015 AD, where for the lover is a special day to thank each Greetings Congratulations ("Happy Valentine's Day, Love Tank Hopefully we Neighbor To properly maintained until this Inner damailah accompanying life that is holy, let His love Together We Sharing Sapa! _)

My brother who was on two different parts of the world on Saturday, on Sunday Mid-Month Weekend in 14nya years Masehi_ February 14 Valentine's day, I'm in this keharibaan to always expect a Ridhonya Grace and Hope You all in happy intact, along Celebrating Compassion, hopefully this love remained devoted to each other until later in life true peace will always be beautiful earth, amen!.

Brother, if indeed there are people who associate Giving Happy Valentine day in tepis Interfaith reasons, let ..... they never knew about Itself, that was good was coming from Courtesy and Ridho God Almighty, Just People dirty heart who always berburuk sangaka, and people who like this occasionally will never get love from the Lord, his life will always be accompanied by a sense of Restlessness and Anxious, and has the nature of the heart to another creature, because god's love will not be grounded in the heart of the dirty, people who like this are an example of people who fail in heading into the perfect man, as the ideals Creation of Man on Earth until the Lives and Livelihoods the Prosperous and Sentausa (_ Life of Peace Sentausa_ Asri.) Being A Caliph as the inhabitants of the earth at the end Age (Baktun_13: Dignity Insan natural Kamil_ 7 of the Creation of the Universe.).,

As already waktukeadaannya occurred on Human Life in the past, if Humans Already Evil beyond the limits that have occurred, is the Man killed by God Through Sunnatullahi, where in his life as a man currently in third millennium, man on earth 2 / 3nya already savage, and history it is certainly going to be repeated, god will surely come to finish mensegerakan Adzabnya Life and human trick the Animal Behavior, and it is definitely a good man, with a great his love will be kept of doom and Disaster Dead and punishment, and will always glorified life as His representative to take care of the Earth, Because god Maha Believe that Man who was able to become a Caliph can certainly take care of Life on Earth with Full Sincere and Ikhlas for his life becomes Asri fellow Eternal Creation. (As it turns out God and man is not ever far Terpisah_ united. / "Form that manifest along the Great Creation noble named HUMAN.)

Religious differences in human life is a unique way of God, so that in Him Know of various Dimensisisi, people who continue fighting about religion problem is that they never walk away looking for his Bible, they just copy and paste from the paper's argument and thought, people who like this is no more just like people who could never have the money to cook because he always ate at Lestoran, wonder fighting continues because never know how Recipes and cooking, people who like this has disobeyed Majesty's predecessor, no one anywhere on Earth Religion These do not come from God, essentially everything is sourced from the Presence of God and to the presence and bring it up to the presence of God in his life so that man can live menjalai filled with noble attitude behavior, and Religious People will never come to the god because Lahirbathinnya dirty, and this time the circumstances that led to Humans can not do love a Heart moreover, that there is only a cause of the problem, so that the religious life was bathinya never got tentramdamai, undergo a process, try the recipes, to cook until finally she Finding Typical food type, an example is the Religious up on a Doctrine, if so for God's sake no one from a recognized religion in this country (Indonesia_) who teaches heresy, all of which teach about how man behaves like that man Congratulations life now and in the future without bataswaktu, his teachings Because each carrier is a person who has received a license from the god on Travel Behaviour bathinnya (until the Find and given the Scripture.), and all religion teaches and mengkhendaki all adherents in order to apply mutual love and Heart for the others, in order to create life harmonious, be honest and wise,
If so, blame if that Christians give Congratulations on Si Muslim!, Happy Valentine's Day? Yes no!, Because in Islamic teachings in the book that contained SiciNya Human Mutual Mengsihsayangi at each other, (Qs. Alfatihah: 1, Bismillaaahirrohmaanirrohiiim_), the bottom line for Muslims in terms of Giving survived Valentintie day later associated with religion continues brushed with the phrase "I'm sorry yah My people Islam, I do not celebrate, celebrate Valentine day as Christians sajah_ red. Is one example of a Muslim who is not on at the level of the Doctrine, and People who like this sort of religion and bathinya chaotic heart Balau, and this is still a great sebaian science People Shari'ah of Islam only to the extent only and that is the reason penyebap Muslims still mengaanggap his religion, Islam Most true, Muslims are like this that will never admit Adherent other religions into your child from his biological brother is nephew, but will continually be treated maru, which has now become the husband of his wife who had in divorce, hahaha,

If so any order to create a harmony of life on earth, then the decision is as good as the acceleration period in which the presence of ex-husband and maru should be separated in places that sampaikapanpun jauhsekali never met in both the eternal life, and the man who left an evil woman full of patience and trust god segerakan substitute with a good figure and charming lady "Angel / his beautiful lady who graciously charming handsome face and his Majesty.

Sekalilagi for those who love peace and compassion, our sincere Full As Mengucap_ "Congratulations Valentineday, hopefully Along the Great His love among the interconnected nature menyayagi We stay awake, then damailah life, FREEDOM!,

Thank You:
Being enhancer is not a choice, but god memilhnya as Options, then humans are not Helpless, then do it because God be with you, for the sake of God is definitely going Congratulations,
Long live the life and keep my State and State (_Kami.) Indonesia, thou State We are charming heart and sebaikbaik State in the Earth,
Ku Hidup Indonesia, Long live always together Burunggaruda Pancasila fly high into the earth spikes, as the basis of human life beridiologi achieve Sentausa Asri Nuance life of all time. FREEDOM!
Regards Galuh Lestari,
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